Flashback Blog : Late Afternoon Walk at Dairy Farm Nature Park – ?/3/2021

As I had some free time that afternoon, I decided to pop over to Dairy Farm Nature Park for a quick walk at the trail next to the Wallace Education Centre.

Upon arriving at the start of the trail, I met with a pleasant surprise: A Flashwing Damselfly. This particular one was pretty obliging, and stayed still long enough for me to get closeup shots.

Carrying on with my walk, I soon came across a Signal Fly, which I have often encountered at this place

On the same piece of rotting wood as the fly was this tiny 3 mm Pygmy Mole Cricket.

The find of the day came early, with this Bengalia sp. Pirate Fly posing motionlessly on the ground next to a trail of ants. Apparently, these guys steal food like larvae and pupae from ants, then eat the food they have stolen. Also, they have such awesome eyes! This one, however, seems to have a dead mite on one of its eyes?

Continuing with the walk, and I ran into this hyperactive Ichneumonid Wasp, running about and flying from leaf to leaf.

Next to the small stream running beneath the walkway, I found this interesting looking Stilt-legged Fly. It is the first time I have encountered this species of fly.

Moving on, on a larg-ish tree marked with a red ‘X’, I found this Strongylium sp. Darkling Beetle! Wonder what the ‘X’ was actually for. For me though, it seemed to mark the tree as the one with the most insects and arachnids, as…….

……On the same tree was this Longspinneret spider! It had superb camouflage, and I only spotted it because I saw one of its legs twitch while taking the Darkling Beetle above.

Finally, on that same tree was this handsome Fungus Beetle. As you can see, my previous diffuser was not up to standard, as the beetle has horrible hot spots not only on its elytra, but also on the rest of its body!

At the turn-back point, I came across a few of these Spiny Leaf Beetles on the tall blades of grass beside the path.

The entrance of the trail yielded one last surprise: a Firefly Beetle!

After reviewing these photos earlier this year, I have changed my diffuser, to yield better results in my photographs. Hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you did, share this site with you friends and family, and I shall update soon. Thanks!

– Joshua Wong






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