Blog #6: Two Short Walks along Mandai Road Track 7

Near the end of March, I had been contemplating if I should go explore the vegetation along the sides of Old Upper Thomson Road, but in the end decided to go for Mandai Road Track 7 instead, as in my mind, there should be less traffic there, due to it not being a road that connects different districts of Singapore. This blog will talk about each trip separately, so as to provide more information about the behaviour and habitat of the creatures.


For the first trip, we parked in a carpark next to a golf course adjacent to the road. On the left side of the road, there was a small track following the road as it winds towards the Upper Seletar Reservoir. It was not a designated trail, as it did not stray into the forest, and was probably caused by human traffic along the side of the road.


The first insect was found a stone’s throw away from the carpark. What I assumed was a cockroach turned out to be a lovely Ground Beetle, Orthogonius sp, resting on a low branch.


After getting some good shots of it, I was about to move off when I caught sight of a brown ‘blob’ on a small leaf. It turned out to be a relatively large Click Beetle, at about 20mm in size. Surprisingly, it just lay unmoving on the leaf as I clicked away at it.

Unfortunately, my diffuser was designed in a hurry, and started to produce strange


lighting in my shots. Nevertheless, I continued on, and came across some more interesting finds shown below. Feel free to enjoy the poorly taken photographs, the next blog will be of a much more recent, successful trip with a detailed recount of the trip. The lack of writing in this post is a one-off (Due to me not being able to remember altogether what happened during the trip). Do go and view the other articles in my blog, and feel free to give me feedback on how I can improve anything!


Strongylium sp.

Genus Sepedophilus

Tenebrionidae, Cnodalonini

Phymatostetha dislocata

Asiophlugis sp.

Litter moth

Dysphania sp.


Sepedophilus sp.

Sepedophilus sp.

Neolethaeus sp.

Dinomyrmex gigas

Ceropria cf induta

Hemipyxis semiviridis

Phymatostetha dislocata





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