Blog #02: NighT Walk at Bukit Batok Nature Park and Surrounds – 15/3/2021

I decided to head to a spot which I had vaguely heard of – a forest trail near Bukit Batok. However, I was unable to find the right trail. After a long while of searching for both insects and the trail, I gave up, and decided to head to Bukit Batok Nature Park, but not before spotting a pretty reddish leaf beetle sleeping on the underside of a fig leaf. It is the first time I have encountered this species of beetle.

Still at the same place, I suddenly caught sight of a few insects beside the car just as we were about to head off for the park. Firstly, I found an Ponerine male ant of an unknown species.

Next, I chanced upon a commonly seen Conocephalus melaenus katydid, which did not stay still enough for me to get good shots.

Now we headed off towards the BBNP. When we arrived there, I discovered, to my dismay, that there were many lights illuminating the paths. This would significantly reduce the chances of finding insects. As predicted, i did not come across any insects until I reached the darkest trail of the park. Here, I caught sight of a few Darkling Beetles. I found a mating pair of them at the largest tree on the trail.

As can be seen, I still need to improve my diffuser. Next, on a smaller tree at the same path, I found a 6mm Click beetle.

It was very obliging and stayed still for the entire duration I was photographing it. Nearing the end of the trail, I finally found a common 10mm Amarygmus sp. darkling Beetle which I expected to be common at the place.

At this point, it was getting late, so I turned back and headed home. It was a disappointing trip, and I will certainly not visit this place again in the near future, unless I happen to locate the secret trail at the ‘BB East Forest’.

– Joshua Wong






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